Debugger not working

Debugger not working


I'm starting to work with Outsystems, Express Edition, and I can't debug the application. On Error Log I get this kind of error: "O ficheiro '/AuditEvents/admin/__debuggerEvents.ashx' não existe.".

Any clues?

Ana Ramalho
Hi Ana,

I need more details so that I can help you. Can you check Service Studio version? What application/eSpace were you trying to debug?
The correct file name is "_debuggerEvents.ashx" (single underscore). Did you misspelled the filename in the error?
Lúcio Ferrão
Hi Lúcio,

Indeed, I've misspelled the filename.
About the application/eSpace, I guess it won't help 'cause that's on a local server.
My Service Studio version is and Hub Server is Express Edition.
Hi Ana

I assume you're debugging the Auditevents espace from within the Service Studio application, right?

Can you tell us which web service are you using? XSP Web Server, IIS 5 (Windows XP), IIS 6 (Windows 2003) or IIS 7 (Windows Vista)?

When you do a Run from the Service Studio, do you get any warning or error message in the Verify messages pane?


Starting on OutSystems Platform and, there's a new setting that might help if your debugger is not working properly.
Check out this post.