Swipe events Stacked cards

Hi all,

I used the stacked cards swipe event from the mobile employee template. 

I managed to create a logic behind it. 

The cards are imported from entities from the database and the yes/no will be registered in another screen. 

The problem is, the systems only registers one specific card and not the others cards.  

I just walked through this process and it seems to be working ok for me.

I added an Extension Dependency to my app.  This Extension is a remote SQL database.  I viewed the data for a table in the Extension to ensure my data was coming in.

I added the Stacked Cards widget to a Screen and then dragged my data table into the Stacked Cards Widget area which reads "drag data here".  That created a "Get<tablename>" Aggregate in my Screen... and that Aggregate has an Attribute which is my table.

All my table records are now available as Stacked Cards.

When you write that the system only registers on specific card... do you mean you're only seeing 1 record in 1 stacked card?  Not multiple cards... 1 record each?


Thank you for the response.

I think we are talking about different stacked cards.

I am talking about the Tinder style stacked cards events. 

Hi Hamudi,

Can you elaborate on what are you doing with your stacked cards? If you want to have multiple cards stacked you will need to use a List inside the Content placeholder...

You can finde detailed instructions on how to use the Stacked Cards here

Hi Jorge,

I will look into it! 

Thank you

I have still the same issue: 

The stacked cards with swipe  , current record ID

I want to use the stacked cards with swipe "event" to let people vote yer or no. 

There are a couple "events" but when I swipe yer or no, the only event.ID it registers is the first one. 

In the attachment it is in Social -> swipe 

You have a ton of additional, home grown ?, dependencies in your app.  There's no way to test your oml without getting everything you've created.

Here's what I would do.  Create a new test app.  Just add Stacked Cards.  See how that works out.

Then... start adding your stuff to the new test app... one piece at a time.  See if anything breaks Stacked Cards.