How to get ascii character code?


I need to find the decimal equvalent of a character ascii in Outsystems.

Please help me.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Oddly enough I can't see an Ascii from Character function in OS.  I see a Chr function... and most environments have an Asc function.

You could create one using this walkthough.  I'd do it, but I don't have Visual Studio installed... guess I should get that done.  It's just that my PC is running so nicely... I hesitate to gum it up.

Maybe a nice OS forum member will create one for you.

It's easy enough to do in Javascript using charCodeAt(0); and if you want to do that I'll detail it for you... but I tend to get stern looks when I suggest Javascript.


Javascript using charCodeAt(0);

function asciiFunction(id){
 var asciiValue= $("#"+id).val().charCodeAt(0);

Ridvan, is this for web or mobile?