connect to external database

i am trying to connect to mysql database which is present in my machine. I tried server with localhost , 3306, root@localhost , filled sechema but nothing works. i always get below error

Connection String test failed: Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.

Hi Lovish,

From your personal environment you can't connect to a database that is on your PC. You should have a VPN between Outsystems and your machine. My guess is Outsystems don't support that.


Hi Lovish,

This configuration on service center is always related to the machine where your server is hosted. In this case your personal env. So, when you try to connect 'localhost' it will looking for mysql hosted on the same machine of your personal env.  To connect to your own mysql instance, first of all you need that your machine has a public ip on internet and this ip was reacheable from your personal.

Best regards


I haven't find the solution for DB issue either.

I created personal account. I don't want to let my company buy "One" or "Enterprise" license yet with 2500/month prisetag until I learn what I can do with this. 

When I started to investigate Outsystems, I didn't immediately realized that the personal applications should run in the cloud, not on premises, that's why I struggled with database connection. I'm also struggling to find out how to transfer application, which I hopefully create soon, to the corporate "Enterprise" or "One" deals later (are my own applications always my "personal" ?). 

It would be great if Outsystems could give some kind of simple solution for the starters, and point "dummy" users like me to the right direction. 

And back to the db connection issue:

Clear instructions I like to find could be something like: 

 - install on-premises gateway (that is how Microsoft for for Power BI cloud service, btw? could I even use the same GW than PowerBI?), 

- add vpn tunnel for application (bleh), 

 - allow db connections through client app (??), 

- upgrade to better enterprise deal and transfer current environment to local (cumbersome), 

All in all, I'm very keen to learn the Outsystems platform, at least the web pages promises a lot.