I am working on a Lunch system where people can check in to lunch. 

The return of the check-in is the date and person. 

I want to have an overview of lunches in the week like this : 






Beside the days I want a checkbox if that person lunched or not 

This overview must have a logic linked with dates if someone lunched in the database, ordered by the overview. 

I already tried to use a static entity with the weekdays, but unfortunately I can't manage it to work. 

Hi Hamudi,

You can use the date of the registered lunches for a person and use this date in the link. In overview you can display a column with an expression with something like:

FormatDateTime(date, "dddd")

to show the week day.


Hi Menno,

Thanks for the response. 

But the thing I want is a solid week overview of monday till friday with checks on the the right side if the user has lunched. 


Some thoughts/hints that might help you to solve this:

What entities do you have defined?

Maybe some sort of "RegisteredLunches" with columns:

- Reference to a User

- LunchDate

- ...

You have to build some logic to create a list of dates based on the current date (or another date if you need to show another week). For each date (week day) in the list check if that date exists in the "RegisteredLunches". If so, then mark that line in the list (e.g. column "HasLunched" ) = True.

Use a table records to show the list and based on the the date show the week day and based on "HasLunched" you can show a check or not.