Publishing eSpaces using entities extension on a different server


Probably I'm not doing it in the correct way but the deal is this:

- I don't have access to the client's production server machine (licensed version)
- I'm developing an application on a express edition outsystems platform
- The application makes use of two existing SQL Server tables and so an extension was created to import this entities. (I have a copy of this tables on my machine)

- The way I found out to publish the application on the server, was to send it by e-mail with all the necessary extensions and referenced eSpaces and with a step-by-step installation guide.
- In this installation guide I explained how to create the extension to import the entities (as the databases are different, the extension I created for my machine doesn't work on the server machine)

- This however didn't work, because when publishing the application oml, the reference to the extension was broken and when updating to the new one (removing it, and adding it again) all the querys in the application lost the entities in the 'entities / structures' section, incurring in a bunch of errors throughout the application.

Is there any other way of doing this?

I would appreciate any help.


Nuno Freire
Hi Nuno

Usually, you don't create a new extension to solve your entities physical names mismatch. You either force the physical names to be identical between environments, through the use of views or named linked servers, or you can edit the current extension to just change the physical table name.

Either solutions requires that in both environments the number, order and type of the returned table columns are exactly identical.

Hope this information was helpful.