Hi, all!

I created an action with java following this tuto https://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/9.0/Integrating_with_other_systems/Implement_Logic_with_C__and_Java_Code.htm
But something are giving me the error below :
(the message says) " The File project contains ToolsVersion="12.0". This tool set are unknown or off and that may be solved   with the properly version of MSBuild. Also, it's possible that the compilation got forced to be a specific version for politic reasons. Treating the project as ToolsVersion="4.0" For more information, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=291333 .

Extensions.cs(31,4): error CS0103: The name 'ssParameter2' does not exist in the actual context."

I think my .NET configuration might be useful.

Any tips?


Because you created an action with Java... do you really want, or need, both J2EE AND .Net?

If you don't need .Net then change the Application Server dropdown from (Both) to J2EE.

I changed the Application Server to J2EE but still not working. I am developing my actions only in Java.
Should be some configuration in Service Center or in some step of installation?



Hi Anselmo,

Make sure that you set the Application Server to J2EE like this:

If you do, you really shouldn't be able to have a .NET compilation error.

Hi , Kilian.

That was a cool solution. I didn't receive a .NET compilation message but a warning saying that my Outsystems server are configured as .Net but and Application Server are aconfigured as J2EE.
I tried to use the action in my web app  and during my compilation in Service Studio, there it is...the .Net error again.
Looks like my Outsystems configuration refuses to use Java actions.



Hi Anselmo,

Be aware that using Java only works if you are on the Java stack! If you have a Personal Environment, it's on the .NET stack. You can't mix Java and .NET code!



Looks like that's the root/solution of the problem.
I am using a Personal Environment.


Ah, that explains it :). Well, better get your C# skills into gear then :). Tbh, if you know Java, it's not that difficult to create C# extensions.

Oh, I know. Java and C# are kinda similiar. This will be fun! (:
Thanks for the advice.