Debug Web Service

Debug Web Service


Is there any way we can't perform debug in our own webservice? How can we test our webmethods?
I created a testing application (say Application1), that uses as web reference the published web services from Application2. But now I want to set a few breakpoints on those web services, to check what is wrong.

Is that even possible? How?
Ricardo Matos
Hi Ricardo,

You can debug a web service method by right-clicking on it and selecting "Add Debug Breakpoint".
Just make sure that for testing purposes (in Application1) you consume the wsdl using your personal area url:
Hope this helps,
Tiago Simões
Hello Ricardo,

If the WebService that you are consuming is made in Visual Studio you can debug the content of your WebService just by running it in debug mode , then go to ServiceStudio and run your eSpace when you get to the call of the webservice press F11(step into) and you are redirected to visual studio and you continue the debug of the C# code.

Hope it Helps,
André Pereira