Which file is used by the controller to determine the status of the server.

Hi All  , 

I have requirement where we need to deploy a fix for all the dev boxes that we use. 

Is there a file that I can grep to find out such information. 

My logic was that before a controller deploys to a new war file it must check the node that it actually is a dev/test/prod node ? 

If that is the case where is the location of such a file ? 

Thanks in advance. 

Hi prodops,

I don't think there is any file with that information.

It's not the deployment controller that checks if there are front-end servers where to deploy the apps. It's the front-end servers that register with the deployment controler.

Also, in Lifetime, is where you register the environments to be of type development or testing or production.

And, if you want, you can get some info about the environments from the Lifetime SDK: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Reference/OutSystems_APIs/LifeTime_SDK




Just want to add something to what José said: the deployment controller for the different environments should be a different server, so it wouldn't need to keep a list of front-end servers from other environments.

If you just want a list of your DEV front-end servers you can get see it in Service Center, for the DEv environment, under the "Administration > Front-End Servers" section.

You could also query the [ossys_Server] table, on your DEV database, for a list of all servers.

Thanks for both of suggestion. 

Unfortunately we will not get sign off on installing the SDK - due to change control.  

I was aware of the  "Administration > Front-End Servers" - I guess I was looking for something lil more automated. 

Especially  as we are multi tenanted environment . 

Once again I like the DBA idea means logging 10s of DBA boxes would not be the easiest way to do this. 

As I have a list of all the Outsystems front end nodes  - I was hoping I do a while loop through a file containing all the hosts , then I would be able to grep or cat a particular file to find out if it were dev/test/prod. 

In the end I was able to get the networking team to grep for dev/test/prod on the VIP name of the front end nodes. 

Not perfect but it has worked for now  :-)