.apk android - change automatically

Hi there!

After creating apk from outsystems and download it, i installed that apk into my samsung note 3.. and that application works (todo app in the  personal cloud).

Then i change the application.. what amazing is that that changes automatically updated in that .apk, although i do not reinstall the new apk.

My question is .. how does outsystem update that application automatically? 

Thank you.





"When developing a mobile app, after you click on “1-Click Publish” the new developments and changes made to the app automatically become available to the end-users with no need to install a new application version. The mobile apps running on the end-user devices automatically detect these updates when they establish a connection to the server of the updated environment. Only mobile application packages generated from an environment receive the new developments and changes published in that same environment."

You can more information on the following OutSystems page:


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João Nobre


Hi  joao,

Thank you for the info. I read that OS will push that updates automatically.