List_SortColumn in Table Records


I notice that the List_SortColumn is auto created when i drag entity to the form.However there is some column not available on the screen and I wish to add myself.I added column ModifiedBy and ModifiedOn in which ModifiedBy column shows the user name who modified the records. 

I have some confusion here on how I should set up List_SortColumn for the ModifiedBy column.In table records, i show user name but in  List_SortColumn, i set it to sort by   "{SRUserEntity}.[ModifiedBy]" which is actually User Identifier.

Do i set it up correctly?

Another question I would like to ask here is that sometimes i see the value is in string "", sometimes it is not string.How should i use it actually?Does all the value set up here need to be in string ""? or it can be both way

Yes, you did setup correct.

The second question, I didn't understood. But don't use the "sugestions" with the name of the fields...

Hi Eduardo,Sorry again. I think i miss phrase myself.Allow me to explain in further details.  

The User_3Name in ModifiedBy Columns come from the standard User table after i link it to the  transaction table SRUserReqEntityGroup . I match the column ModifiedBy(User Identifier) in SRUserReqEntityGroup to Id(Identifier) in User Table.

In the List_SortColumn for ModifiedBy column, i set it as per below.Is it correct?

Can you advise also why we should not use the suggestions?


The rules for the Richwidget List_SortColumn are as follow:

The field is a "common field" (from entity): "{table_name}.[field_name]"
The field is from a "calculated field" (green field from aggregate functions or group by): "field_name"

This is the reason as why you can't use the suggestions (as far as I know), because it will not be recognized correctly. I think really that you will be passing an actual "value" instead of the name of the fields.

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Eduardo,

For my case I should use the User Identifier or User_3Name in the Richwidget List_SortColumn?

For normal attributes, you must use the name of the attribute in the entity, not its type.

So, if in the entity the name is User_3Name, use it.


Eduardo Jauch

Thanks Eduardo

Hi Johnson,

You're welcome :)
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Eduardo Jauch