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Published on 2018-08-02 by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 2018-08-02 by Carlos Alfaro


Is this extension able to calculate cells with formulae?
EPPlus has a function to do this: Calculate.


Eduardo Jauch

Hi Eduardo,

I will evaluate the possibility of adding the Calculate functionality to the component.

Thank you for the request!



Hi again Eduardo,

I've uploaded a new version of the component, with three new actions:

  • Workbook_Calculate() - calculates all formulas in the Workbook
  • Worksheet_Calculate() - calculates all formulas in one Worksheet
  • Cell_CalculateByIndex() - calculates the formula of a cell, defined by its index

Thank you for your request and hope this helps!



Thanks! It will be useful! :)


Please pardon the noob question... how do i add a formula to a cell?

When i write a formula, it just displays as text in the excel, the calculate function doesn't seem to do anything.


Hello Vibhu,

Thank you for this request, I've uploaded a new version of the component, with the ability to write a formula to a Cell identified by index or name.

Thank you.


Hello Carlos, do you have any example of setting formula in the excel cell? I tried but it it will display "#value!" calculation error after the excel file is generated. Then, when I open the excel file and click "Enable Editing", the formulas work well.

Any tricks?

Maple Field