[OfficeUtils] Library conflict in P10 Java stack

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Published on 2017-04-26 by Elena Novozhilova
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Published on 2017-04-26 by Elena Novozhilova


I'm using OfficeUtils V 3.0.0 in a Outsystems P10 Java environment.

I'm getting the following error when I'm using a "record List To Excel" native action in a project that uses OfficeUtils:

Fail to save: an error occurs while saving the package : org.apache.xml.serializer.ToXMLSAXHandler cannot be cast to org.apache.xml.serializer.SerializationHandler

This kind of error looks like a Java library conflict between a OfficeTool component and JBoss default libraries.

Has anybody recieved the same error?


 Carlos Mattana

No ideas?

I did some more testing and found that the problem was not OfficeUtils but the IdP component (SAML integration). I upgraded the IdP version and apparently the problem was solved.