I've read about how configure an external SMTP server in Outsystems to send email throw there... but... has Outsystems Enterprise Environment some kind of "pre-configured" or build-in SMTP server? Or I need always configure an external SMTP server?



No it doesn't. And your organization probably already has an SMTP service, so you should be using that one.

This guide was written for the personal environment, but the same thing applies to any OutSystems installation, including enterprise cloud and also on-premises.


I expected that in the business environment, among the different elements of the infrastructure, would already had an SMTP server incorporated. An standar organization probably has an STMP server, but some new or small companies, like startups could not have any own infraestructure. 

Thank you anyway for answer!

Hi Carlos. I totally understand that. But for start-ups, or even personal use, there are free SMTPs available, you just need to sign up.

I realized that the guide I posted above was moved into a knowledge base article: https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Personal_Environment/How-to_send_emails_from_your_personal_environment - please check it out, as it lists a few of the SMTP providers that have a free plan available.