We're investigating if OutSystems BPT can be used to implement some (basic) workflow processes in our application.

The application is multi-tenant and we expect a very large number of events (e.g. record updates) that can lead to a new process instance being launched.

Is there documentation available on (or does someone have experience with)  how to implement OutSytems processes in a multi-tenant environment? Is the solution scalable, e.g. could we somehow configure multiple application servers to handle the large number of processes which could be started?

Hi Roelof,

BPT is multi-tenant ready so you're clear on this one. Unless you begin trying to mix single-tenant apps with multi-tenant ones, things will be fine.

If your workflows are basic try contacting OutSystems and ask for the "Light BPT".

In NextStep 2017, they talked about a simplified version of BPT that may become handy if your process is not to much complicated. I don't know the status about this "Light BPT" but maybe they will announce something soon.

About the scalability I can't comment because I haven't used BPT in multi-tenant apps.