Connect One OutSystems Instance to Multiple Front-Ends

I'm probably starting in the wrong forum, but I never know how to choose. Suppose I have 3 websites:,, and Is there a way to connect all three of those endpoints to a single OutSystems instance?

Hi Aaron,

That's more a matter of making sure the DNS entries for those domains point to the IP-address of your OutSystems server. It's not something the Platform will (or can) handle. You'll have to discuss that with the ISP you have registered the domains with.


Would be something like this?

It seems that this is possible on an OnPremisses instalation, but on PaaS this can pose a problem and must be discussed with the support team.

I know in the Service Center you have to configure your environment HostName, and there is no way to configure more than one...

So, I would say that you will have to deal with your HTTP server (IIS/jBoss) to rewrite the incoming requests, from lets say and to something in (assuming this is the one configured in the environment), in a way that the server could understand to which application is being made the request, and do the contrary when the response is to be sent.

This means that you need to tweak the HTTP server and this is the reason why you can do this in OnPremises but has to talk to OutSystems if you are in the cloud...

I think... :)

Eduardo Jauch


Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong... :S

It is possible, at least for on-premises. SEO Rules allow you to give domains to Modules. You can have a different site for each or a single one for all, and all requests will get to the right place.

I don't remember it happening when I used Community Edition, but I admit that responses may default to a single site and mislead the user. I think SEO rules will consider that option and handle it. Wasn't one of the SEO Rules examples a different domain for each country that simply changed the locale and showed the same site?