[Multiple Select] On Browser back with multi select not keeping the selected values in the list box

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Published on 2014-05-02 by André Madeira
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Published on 2014-05-02 by André Madeira

Hello Team,

We used Fancy multi select component in our application and were able to successfully use this component to fit our requirements.

But when we navigate to other pages and come back to the page where we used this fancy multi select by clicking browser back button  selected values are not keeping and we need to select again 

Please help us or let us know solution on this.



Hello Rajasekhar,

One way to keep the values of your selections after you navigate away from a screen and then comeback to see those values is to store it in Session Variables. 

Hope that clarifies what you can do in this case.

Best Regards

Hello Rajasekhar,
I think there is no way to keep your selected items when you already "leave" it for another page and want to go back again.

This is because usually, selected items variable is stored as a local variable in a web screen, which is will be changed once the page is left or the local variable value has been overwritten with new value.

Agree with Paulo, you can use session to store the list of you selected items (maybe you can store the Item.Id on that list).