Slowness in Opening eSpace Module in Service Studio

Hi all,

    I am having a on-premise Outsystems installation. When I open my modules in Service Studio, it will take approximately 1 min to open each module. Otherwise other actions (open screen, publish etc) are relatively fast, so I don't think is a resource or network issue.

   I also tried to open a newly created module with no process, logic, screens or entities implemented. It also took me about 1 min.

   My laptop does not have Internet connections. I see from the Service Studio troubleshooting logs there are timeout exceptions when it tries to connect to some Outsystems servers over Internet. I am suspecting that the slowness is due to Service Studio trying to connect and eventually timeout.

   Does anyone have this similar experience or knows what tasks Service Studio is doing when opening a eSpace module?



We used to have this problem some times due to slow internet connection and later we also observers that the laptop configuration (RAM) was also causing slowness.