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Published on 21 Feb by João Portela
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Published on 21 Feb by João Portela

Hello everyone,

Sometimes when I try to use the move action It leaves a 0KB file(source path). For instance if I have one file named "xpto" with 500KB and then move It to another directory(destination path) It creates a file named xpto in destination path with 500KB but leaves a file also named xpto with 0KB(source path),

Any of you got this issue? How did you solved It? 

Thanks in advance


I checked the extension code and it is just using C# FileInfo.MoveTo to move the file in given destination. I tried the same code in example and is working expected (Moving File To Desired Destination Folder)



@Pramod Thanks for your reply.

Well, I have checked the extension code also. I guess the problem is there, on MoveTo or something like that. It happens sometimes, that's why I asked if someone got this issue.


It can be a permission issue ..MoveTo basically moves the file from source to destination and than deletes from the source . Seems like it is moving all the data from source but not be able to delete the file and thus remains 0 kb file there.



Can be but Its weird because works sometimes, I mean, the file is deleted.