SectionExpandable not responding to change in toggle variable

In my mobile app, I have a SectionExpandable widget.  The IsExpanded property is set to a boolean page variable called FilterIsOpen.  The widget holds some filters the user can select and then click an Apply button, which calls a client action that sets FilterIsOpen to false.  However, after setting the variable to false, the widget does not collapse.

This is similar to  I downloaded this example too but it also does not toggle using the variable.

What could I check or do to make this work?  Thanks.


Hello David Austin

I think the IsExpanded property is only used to define the initial state of that section, for example, to set if that section is expanded or not when you enter the page. I think this property has no effect for what you are trying to accomplish




I think you're right.  The property only sets the initial state.  I created my own expandable section using a few containers and a client action, which works just like I needed.