Is there any way to reset the identity of the identifier column of an entity in outsystems. Currently I have a situation where I have to refresh my entity data from other data source.Since there is no column in the entity that has unique value to make it as an identifier(to update the data) so I to delete the rows and re enter every thing.

So now ever i am reseeding the data a new Id is generated every time.So i need a solution where I can reset the Identifier value to start from 1.

Hi Being,

Why do you need to reset the Identifier value? If the Identifier is a Long Integer, you will never* run out of Ids.

The answer to your question though is no, you cannot reset it. It's possible via the right database command, but I think you need elevated priviliges to do so (i.e. you can't do that with OutSystems, as the database user won't have these priviliges).

*With a maximum of 2^64, you won't run out in 58 billion years (58*10e9) even if you insert 10 records a second.