[Mobile] HTML element tag generates an unexpected error

Everytime I insert a html elements as a widget, it allows me to change the tag to "hr", but it doesn't allow me to edit or delete it. Eventually it will generate a unexpected error on the platform.

Anyone had this problem?

Hi Joao,

I can confirm this behaviour, it is clearly a Platform bug (and an obscure one at that!). When I have a Tag property of "hr" (without the quotes) and try to delete it, it gives me either an error dialog, or just refuses to delete it (typically after the first error dialog). I can however change the Tag to e.g. "div" and then delete the widget.

I would advise you to report the error to OutSystems Support.

Just curious: why on earth do you need the hr tag? EDIT: Wrongly described the tag as invalid on HTML5.

Yes, I reported. Thanks. ;)

Even I rarely use this tag, is a valid HTML5 tag. On this case it was just for an example.