.Page class from Silk UI lost browser version


We update recenntly silk UI version and found a big issue in our projects, because don´t have any more browser class from Silk UI parent element (.Page).
We use browser version from .Page class to solve some issues in specific browsers.

Silk UI lost this feature?
This happens on Silk UI versions 3.1.12 and 2.3.9

We have dozens of apps using this feature, you have any suggestion to help us?


Hi David,

Looking at https://silkui.outsystems.com/dublinpreview/ or other templates we can see the browser class being applied as expected.

The screenshot looks from the Silk Website, not from a public template available on the Forge.

My regards

Hello again,

Yes, the screenshot is from silk website, not a good example, my fault.

I did more tests and for now 3.1.8 (p10) works fine, but sill not appear on 2.3.9 (p 9.1).

Our applications are in p9.1 using SilkUI version 2.3.9 and lost browser version, we lost all fixes using .ie class after last silk UI update.
You can test p9.1 for us?  

 Screenshot from P9.1 and silk 2.3.9 attached