Json Serialize force values false and ""


I need to build a json like this:

for that a i have a structure with the json fields.

after the jason serializer i need this:


"Q_Description" : "Teste PB CRM",
"Q_BusinessArea" : "SEN",
"Q_Division" : "",
"Q_MarketSegment" : false,
"Q_OriginalQuoteNumber" : "QASE1700058",
"Q_QuoteType" : 7


the problem is with the "" and false value that i cant make them appear.

If i assign the value "" or a false to a field that field does not appear in the json.

Do you have any suggestion?

Not that it makes any difference... not sure yet... but... Mobile or Web?

The JSON Serialize Widge has a property... Serialize Default Values.  Set this to Yes... and your "" and True/False values will be included.

thank you. it worked!