I want to integrate with Microsoft Project but do not see a connector for it in the Forge. Am I just missing it?

What is the preferred (re: easiest/simplest) way to integrate an OutSystems responsive web app with Microsoft Project?

Hi Bill,

There indeed doesn't seem a connector in the Forge for it. Do you have prior experience connecting to external systems? Did you check the Project documentation to see whether it is even possible to connect to it? Etc.

No prior experience with OutSystems. I understand the basics of using SOAP and REST, but no recent experience. I have integrated with Microsoft Project before using VB Script. I could build a spreadsheet from contents in MS Project.

Can entity functions CreateOrUpdateXXXXX take an external spreadsheet as a source? What is the recommended approach in this case?



The entity functions themselves can't do that, but you can easily build logic to upload an Excel file, loop over the records in the file and store those in the database. However, stuff like this is explained in the training videos, and I'd suggest you watch them first.


Thanks, Kilian.

I will watch the videos. Needed good direction from the community so I would not do things the hard way.

Thanks again.

Well, watching the training videos is never the hard way, in my opinion :) If afterwards you have more questions you know where to find the forum :).