How to Change the content in DublinBase\Footer


I would like to change the content/text in the DublinBase\Footer. But seems like no way to change it.

I learn that in the common area, there is no common web block for footer.

Does anyone has idea how to do this?

Or i have to change to footer page by page?This seems a bit weird.

It seems to me that you'd need to change the Dublin Theme in order for it's WebBlock to flow through.

However, changing the DublinBase\Footer WebBlock Source Web Block doesn't seem too odd.

I created a new Common WebBlock... called it Footer... and add a Text Widget to it.

Then I changed the DublinBase\Footer Source Web Block to my new Web Block on each of my screens.

Seems ok to do this.  I know what you mean... that you want to change the setting one place... but I believe that would have to be in the Dublin Theme.