What is the significance of developing mobile applications with out systems.?

Hi O.S Team,

I would like to know what is the significance of developing mobile applications here, Why am asking this question is. When we have open source technologies to develop Android applications, Why customers will pay much amount to get license ?



I think this is an interesting article for you 


I have been working intensively with Mobile for six months now; and the big advantage that I see that you keep having well maintainable 'code'/flows (just like the web apps); without getting to deep into mobile techniques.

Hi Rocky,

I never develop a mobile application at all. Given Outsystems, i am like a pro now  

As you say, to use Outsystems we must pay for the license and it is not cheap for small company. In my country, the clients are usually a bank and a multifinance cooperation. They want to pay that much because they find the benefits more (learning curve, fast develop, inline with the business growth, more competitive to other cooperation, etc) than the money they spend.

However, as it is hybrid - cordova technology - if big performance in mind (like many images - facebook), Android should also be considered.