Timer is Running?

Timer is Running?

Is there a way to check if a timer runs, before waking it?
Hi Matthias,

A good way of knowing if a timer is running (and also which will be executed next) is the Online Monitoring screen in Service Center. You can access it in the Monitoring section.

You can also go to the eSpace detail, Timers tab, and check the details for a specific timer.
Also, if you want to do that programatically, for avoiding waking the running timer again, you probably don't need to worry about that. Only one instance will be running at the same time.
What will happen when I wake a running TimerAction programatically, is the Wake ignored or is it scheduled after the current running Timer?
It will be scheduled after the current running Timer.

This is useful for avoiding execution timeouts. Imagine you have a weekly batch operation that can run for a few hours. And you configured your timer timeout as 30min.

You can do the logic of your timer in a way that it wakes itself again and ends processing (before the 30min limit). This way the timer will start again (in a few seconds) and continue processing. Thus, the overall processing will be done in various timer invocations, instead of just one.