[Help] Insert Parameters in database.

Hi there!

I'm having a problem. I want to insert some information on a database, which I can do normally. The problem is that the information that will be inserted in two fields of the database, are in a variable and in an input screen parameter.

Can anybody help me to check how do add that information into the database? In manual programming I can do it easily, but in Outsystems I'm not seeing how to do it.

I want something like 'INSERT INTO database_name (template_id, article_id, quantity) values (<template_id_screen_parameter>, <article_id_variable>, <quantity_form_field>);"

This is a shortened version of the query, but I'm doing it by Outsystems methods, not the query manually. It's just and example for you to understand what I want. I can insert everything in the database, except article_id and template_id, which appear as NULL, the rest is correct.

The only argument in the action CreateTplArticle (the name I gave it) is EditRecord2.Record.TplArticles.

My thoughts for solutions here are something like:
- Multiple arguments in CreateTplArticle, where I can set the variables/parameters
- Invisible form fields with the values, but they are as identifiers, so usually an error occurs

Thank you for your help.
Solved it. I used Assign action, used the screen parameter (TemplateID) as an expression and "EditRecord2.Record.TplArticles.TemplateID" as the variable. It workd perfectly.

Thanks anyway.