Load local Image mobile from asset/www

Hi I try to make a mobile app, 

in my mobile app i need to display images, this images should be load dinamically

i want this image tobe available offline,

I already add my image into my resources

when i generate the APK, i can see the images are inside the APK under asset/www/images/

i'm using image widget with external URL, n refer the url to images/image1.png

but it won't show the image if im offline, (if i online then image is loaded, then i turn off my internet the image will still show, but if first time i already offline the image won;t show)

is there a way to access this image dinamically n make it available offline, the image is already inside the application anyway ?

ps: I tried using image widget n set using local image, it can be loaded when offline. but i need to show the image dinamically based on some param.


Hi Ari,

You should be able to do it by using the runtime path: /<your module>/img/...

Can you try that and tell us if it works.



Hi Jose, 

i've tried that, still not working, seems like it still try to get from server, cause if i off my internet, it wont show the img (first time, if i already load it before, then its ok)