Hi all,

I am trying to create an external database and get a huge table...

Here some useful information:
- Database : SQL Server 2014
- Outsystems: Service and Integration Studio 10
- I am using my cloud personal Environment
- I can add other smaller tables
but in the last step I keep getting this error:

Any tips?



Hi Anselmo.

Do you get this error only when selecting one specific table?

Did you ever import from that database source any other table successfully? 

Could you please let us know more details about that table? What is your source database version and Outsystems Platform version and Integration Studio version?

Best regards.

Daniel Martins.

Try with a smaller table. If it fails, it is a problem with the SQL version. Check if it is supported., try to upgrade it and so on.

If a smaller table works, try to copy from a similar table (same types of fields) with only a few records. If it fails, check strange data types (a typical issue is with dates going outside of range or formats).

If everything works, it may be something as simple as not enough space.

Hi everyone,

I just edited the original post with extra information.

What are the data types of the table? Can you share the fields?


Sure! See the data types in the image below: