Authentication Time / .NET Session Timeout

Authentication Time / .NET Session Timeout


I want to know how to change the authentication time. In other words how to keep the sign in (login in) 15 minutes?

Hi Diogo

The session timeout is by default 20 minutes. You can change this setting by modyfing the section sessionState in the file
<sessionState timeout="30" (...) 
Tiago Campos Simões
Hi Diogo and Tiago

Tiago: That procedure is valid for the OutSystems Platform 4.0 and before, but in that case you should do it in the machine.config file for version 1.1, i.e. change the file

Diogo: To do this for the OutSystems Platform 4.1 running on Windows (2000 or 2003), you should proceed as follows:

1. Access the server where Hub Server is installed, and open IIS Manager;
2. Navigate to Web Sites > Default Web Site, right-click it and choose Properties;
3. In the Home Directory tab, press the Configuration button;
4. In the Options tab, increase the session timeout to the desired value;
5. Back in the Properties window, click the in the ASP.NET tab
6. Make sure that the ASP.NET version is set to 2.0 (if needed, change it and click Apply button);
7. In the same tab, press the Edit Configuration button;
8. In the State Management tab, increase the session timeout to the desired value;
9. Apply this setting to the Default Web Site. Make sure you allow it to be inherited by all the web sites when prompted.

To test if the change was successfull, we recommend changing it to a small value (e.g. 1 minute) and wait to see if a timeout actually occurs.

Always remember to test all these configurations before deploying an application in a production server.