Data lost after assigning in screen action

Hi guys, 

Back again with another problem (sorry guys): I have an assign statement like the following:

CurrentRule.Conditions[0].ConditionItem[0].Key = "test"

If I'm doing this in the preparation, the output "test" is there, but when I run this in a screen action, this gets totally ignored and the original value is output instead. 

The weird thing is, in the debug I can see the value in the structure is "test" but after it reaches the End block, it is just gone! What is happening here?

Hello Joeri

Can you explain a little bit better what your problem is? For instance, what are you trying to do with  that screen action, where is it used, etc?



it really depends how you are accessing it.

do mind that variables could be  optimized in screen-actions and thus removed totally if they are not used in a specific way.


Apparently it is fixed by using an Ajax Refresh on a random container on the screen. Then suddenly the data (which is not even in the same container) becomes visible.