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I'm using Email_Send action from EmailServices Espace in order to send confirmation emails, but I'm having some difficulties.

Is there any rules that we must follow? Like CC size or something like that?

I'm trying to send an email and I'm having problems with both URL and CC.

In the URL I have :
GetServerURL()+ GetOwnerURLPath() + "RequestUpdatePrint.aspx?RequestUpdateId="+CreateREQ_CLIENT_GENERAL_INFO_UPD.ID

and in CC I have
which result is ""

I have 2 SMTP servers defined and working, I've tested them in Enterprise manager.

BTW, if I write in the send email for testing in enterprise manager, it doesn't work either.

Thank´s in adavnce,

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Francisco Neto
I've figured out the problem already.

The email didn't exist. One of the errors.

The other one, the URL, was due to the entrypoint associated RequestUpdatePrint.aspx didn't exist either.

Hope that my doubt may help others.

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Thank´s anyway,

I'm having some problems sending emails with eMailServices, different from the one described earlier.

I'm using the action "DigestEmail_Add" do add the email to queue of eMailServices to be send in digest.

For the parameters of this action I'm using (example values):
-To: ""
-Body: "This is the BODY of my email."
-Subject: "Subject of my email"
-Url: "" (empty string)
-From: ""
-Date: CurrDateTime()

Then I'm using the action "SendDigestMails_Assynchronous" to wake up the timer to send the digest emails.

The email is sent and received without problems, BUT the BODY of the emails is empty...
Is it mandatory that the parameter for the URL as a value?... I don't want to create a web screen just for sending some plain text in the body of the email.
Thank you.