New features of 10.0.8XX.0 release


Can Anyone let me know, what new features/ differences in installation of outsystems would be there in 10.0.8XX.0 release of outsystems which is due in February? We are using 10.0.405.0 version currently would there be any issues if we upgrade?

Normally with updates in the same major version OutSystems will handle the update well, if you didn't change base system functions or features. If you are really concerned you could wait for a week or 2 before starting the update, in the mean time you could check the forums if there are any complaints about the new version. What will come out in Februari I don't know yet, but it will be nice like always ;-)

You could also check the Side Effects and Breaking Changes of the new version.

There should be no breaking change when upgrading to a minor revision (eg 10.0.X to 10.0.Y).

You can take a look at the Product Updates to get more details after a new version is released.