List sort on evaluated value?

how to apply list_column sort on evaluated value in table? if No, can we apply it through java script? actually in table there are 6 column, out of which 5 are coming from 1 entity , so i am able to apply list sort on them but the 6th one is evaluated . So what to pass as argument in list sort function

Hi Lovish,

Evaluated attributes can be referenced by name directly (no need for [ ] around them, nor do they require you to specify any entity they belong to).

So if your calculated attribute is called CustomOrder, you'd just use "CustomOrder" as the input parameter to the List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy action.

I think Lovish is talking about Table Records...

I would try other approachs, as I shared with you in the other topic.
Using JavaScript will be very messy, I think...

Eduardo Jauch