Plugin for Jitsi Meet?

I am working on a mobile and Web app in OutSystems that will support video calls using the open source Jitsi Meet, which is a development effort partnered with Atlassian.  I am able to get calls going by using the InAppBrowser plugin, but that creates a number of issues for this application.  

Jitsi has an API/SDK available.  Is there anyone working on, or interested in working on, an integration for OutSystems?  I have enough technical knowledge to be able to use OutSystems components/plugins and be dangerous, but not enough knowledge to be able to create a Jitsi Meet plugin for OutSystems.  If one were available, I'm confident that other organizations would also find it valuable. 


  -- Joel

Hi Joel

Do you know if there's any Cordova plugin available for Jitsi?

If so, you can follow this approach:

or, you can go and create your own plugin :-) 

check this post:

looking forward to hearing your progress on this


Thank you, Vera.  Unfortunately, this is above my skill level.  I need to find someone who can do this development, so I can just plug it into my OutSystems mobile app for Android and iOS.  

The info for the Jitsi Meet Mobile SDK is at .  Is this something you might be able to help with?  Or, can you refer me to someone who can help?