Is There any way to directly communicate to Service END url.. with consuming service?

Hi All

Do out systems supports anything like " Directly communicate to End Point URL of particular web service without creating any extension ?



You just want to make a call to a web service?  And get back results?  Both web and mobile support Javascript... so it seems possible... may depend on the server?

Is this for Web or Mobile?  Can you detail the web service you want to call?

Hi Rocky,

please follow this url. It will tell you all about webservices.

In case you want to learn how to work with the outsystems platform, please follow the tutorial.


Hi Rocky,

Can you please more detail of your use case ?



Hi Rocky,

Sure, Outsystems provide a call to web service:



Hi All,

My situation is like i have end point URL of a web service ..and i know what all the inputs i have to send in header and body. I don't have wsdl file to consume web service. 



Although there are much broader explanations, generally you'll use WDSL to talk to a SOAP Web Service.

You have an end point, and so you'll most likely be consuming a REST Web Service.