iTag Connector plugin not working

The iTag Connector plugin in the Forge does not work.  I'm told that there is a newer version of the Cordova plugin that should correct the problem, but I don't have the skills to create an OutSystems plugin from it. 

Has anyone done that or is working on it, or would be willing to do it?  Has anyone had success with the iTag Connector?  Thanks!

  -- Joel

You mention a Cordova plugin but you don't say which one... and... which newer version?  It looks like the OutSystems iTag wrapper plugin does not talk to an iTag Cordova plugin.

Instead, the OutSystems iTag wrapper has a dependency to the OutSystems BLE Plugin wrapper, which talks to the cordova-plugin-ble-centra plugin.  This plugin was recently updated... and this may be the reason it's not working for you.  The updates to cordova plugins recently have resulted in a horrendous backlash of non-working plugins.  The general solution is to use a version of the plugin just prior to the latest.  I don't know for sure that this is the problem... but might as well consider it.  Try adding the prior version # to the plugin Extensibility Configurations section... use version 1.1.3.  To do this, open the OutSystems BLE Plugin and change the plugin reference...

    "plugin": {
        "url": ""

I've not played with iTags yet... but will soon.

I have a feeling you don't need a newer plugin version... but rather an older version.  When accessing a cordova plugin, if you do not specify a version... then the latest version will be used.  That's where all the trouble comes in.  By specifying an older version, you'll be accessing a version that will probably work with the cordova/phonegap build version that OutSystems uses.

Any recommendation for an iTag purchase?  Seems there are a lot of vendors.

DavidK, thank you! Maybe that will lead to a solution.

You said you will be playing with iTags soon; if you come up with a working solution please let me know.

How many iTags do you need?  If you only need a few, I can suggest a vendor I found on Amazon (5 iTags for $15 US).  I will be attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in a couple weeks and talking with vendors there about bulk purchases.  If we can get this working in our app the way we want to, we plan to deploy thousands of iTags.

Thanks... I'll have a look on Amazon... since I need a Dot as well for an OutSystems / Alexa test.

Hey all,

It appears the issue is not with the version of the BLE Cordova plugin - instead, when calling the "scan" method, the iTAGConnector module is feeding in the service ID "FFE0" into the "Services" input of the BLE action "ScanBLE":

When this is removed, the "ScanBLE" action retrieves a whole bunch of devices, but none of them are returned with names (unfortuante for me to be in the city trying to test this, there's at least 10 being returned and no good way to identify my iTag).

Does anyone know what this "services" input is supposed to be? Does it filter devices based on available services or something like that?

Okay, turns out names were being returned and I was easily able to filter the list of returned Bluetooth devices by name once I removed the "FFE0" element from the "Services" list. I am sure it would be better to have something filtering by device type to make UX better and UI simpler, but at least it works for now. 

Long story short, the workaround is to delete the "ListAppend" element highlighted above in the "Scan" action of the iTag Connector module. @BrunoMarthino, hopefully this guides your work. I'd be willing to submit my modified version of the module to the forge for publishing.