Web: Movie - Security: session - Duplicate Bind

hi there:

I found this warning:

But, i did not find the other widget:



Hi I Box,

I think you need to verify variable from which combobox is bind should be identifier of recordlist of dataset of combobox.




hi Shashi:

and mine:




Any idea what is causing this problem? I did the exercise 9.4 of the web development course.

It has something to do with the "Replace all usages" option. Both MovieGenreFilter and MovieDvdFilter session varaibles give this warning. Thi first session variable is used by hand (edit the widget, edit the filter) and it does not give warning.

The funny thing is: I created copies of these session variables, used "Replace all useges" to replace the broken ones with the copies and now I can not delete the originals (no error, delete does nothing).

Edit: After crashing the service studio (closing might have also worked), these could be deleted...