Interacting with another mobile application from my MA and come back to MA

Hi All,

I would like to send an email from my mobile application which am building in Outsystems, But i do wanna use Email Mobile application to send an email and then comeback to my mobile application. Once that email activity is completed.? Is there any tutorials to learn this?

In Android we do it using implicit intents .. How do we maintain implicit intents here.



If you really want to use the native email composer, try the Email Composer Plugin component.

As another option, you can have OutSystems handle the email instead. You'll need a web application with the email definition and a public server action to trigger the email from your mobile app

Hi Paulo,

I just gave an example .. but  what i want to know is how we can interact with other applications.


You can try downloading the Email Composer Plugin and checking out how it was implemented.