[FullCalendar 2] View events on Month the same format that Week

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Published on 13 Jan by Grazina
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Published on 13 Jan by Grazina

Hello Everyone,

I want manage the format of events in calendar, but for now i can't do this.

For example, if i want has in Month the same format of week, It's possible?



Anyone helps me?


Hello Paulo,

I don't think there is any "out of the box" way of doing this.
Never tried to do anything more than simple style to it.

You could take a look in the Full Calendar documentation to see if this is possible.

Eduardo Jauch

Hello Paulo,

I never say that is impossible. In the pass I used the Full Calendar very deeply in a java web application (not in OS), and never found solution for what you describes. But if you fund a solution do not forget to share with the Community.

Happy new year!



Many thanks for the answers :) If i make it, i say here!

Happy New Year