Transactional Data Page load and Search

Hi all,

a).I have a transaction screen that when it is loaded, i need to have 2 sets of data of to be union into 1 table and show it to user.They are

  1. Transaction that the operator can process based on Company.The status of the transaction is "Open","Pending"
  2. Transaction raised by operator himself.The status of the transaction is "Open","Pending"

However there are cases where 

  1. Only item 1 is loaded only on some situation
  2. Only item 2 is loaded only on some situation
  3. Item 1 and 2 loaded together on some situation.

How should i do this in OutSystems?

b).Apart of that, i should allow user to do searching based on the Status of transaction they want to see such as "Cancel","Complete" and "Rejected" on the same screen also.They could choose by Company also if they want to

How should i do to achieve this in OutSystems.

  1. When the page is loaded it is of a set of data with predefined status and company.
  2. When user do searching,the data is totally based on user selection.

Does anyone has idea how to do this?How the Search action to be configured and also the navigation.




a) It's hard to give you concrete answers without knowing the details of your requirements, but 2 options that come to mind are:

  • Write a SQL query that runs 3 sub-queries, one for each of your cases, and returns a UNION of those 3 queries. Then bind your Table Recods widget to the result of this query.
  • In your Preparation, run 3 distinct aggregates, one for each of the cases you described. Then iterate though their results and add the records to a list variable. Then bind this list variable to your Table Records. Be advised, though, that this is not a very efficient solution performance wise, because it results in 3 accesses to the database instead of just one.

b) This is a very basic concept in OutSystems. If you followed the online training videos, you should know how to implement this. So, if you haven't done so yet, I strongly advise you to take the online training.


Thanks Aurelio