What's Your Best 2017 Moment?

2018 is just around the corner and we've asked our Engineering team to share some of their 2017 highlights. And we would also love to hear it from you!

What was your best 2017 moment with OutSystems? Did you build your first component? Did you get to advocate for OutSystems and changed someone's life? What happened? 

Share with us, we would love to hear your best moment :)

The OutSystems R&D Team wishes everyone a spectacular 2018!

Let's see...

I left my job to become a freelance OS developer. That changed some lives.

I presented OS at a developers meetup. I hope it changed some lives.

I completed a master's degree by using OS. That changed my title. 

I completed two OS certifications and got so addicted... that I'll go for two more next year.

Have a 2018 made in OutSystems.

In 2017,

- I got the chance to become part of MVP slack channel and interact with awesome team of Outsystems and fellow MVPs.

- I got the chance to go to Switzerland and present my Outsystems skills to my client.

- I got to attend free certification provided by Outsystems and access to training materials.

- At Outsystems MVP slacks channel, MVPs changed my way of thinking about coding  and taught me the real magic of low code.

- I left my first job and started another job to help a big energy management company to expedite their work in Outsystems.

- I developed 2 web projects from scratch and worked on 10+ projects for support and 1 mobile app.

- I got to monitor Outsystems community.

List is bigger, in 2018 I am planning to contribute more in Ideas section and publish some components and visit Outsystems office in Lisbon.

Happy New Year!!

In 2017,

- create the first mobile application in my life

- to be top 3 monthly top posters

- certified in web app 10

Happy New Year 2018!!!!!