parameter value from request body not receiving to third party service

Consumed Post REST request gets received to Server. But parameter value from request body not getting received to service. I have tried to pass in
 individual parameter and all parameters in format like json  in  request body and kept request type Form URL Encoded for service , which is need. but no success.

HI Sagar ,

Is it possible for you to share the rest service url ..just wanted to consumed and see what exactly is going over in the request .

Also send your request json.



Hi Sagar,

Have you tried debugging the REST API to see what's going on? See my post here for a quick primer on how to set the debugging level to Full.


Provide more details about your REST API to assist you better. 


i was passing request body in form of -


which i sent from postman and it was working for third party api but not for outsystem rest but,

After viewing logs for the same through exposing api ,  I got this for passed parameters in above form


So I passed like above to consumed api and it works !! Thanks to all for replying.