Testing values in aggregates

Dear community,

I want to test a certain aggregate. Service Studio does not update after editing the test values. A second problem is that one of my input variables is changed by Service Studio (cleared or it sets the variable to the old value) automatically after I changed it. We use an Oracle database for retrieving the data. The two images below should illustrate the problems I encounter:

Image 01:

Image 02:

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Jonathan,

The issue of the value being "changed" happens sometimes.
As far as I know, it has to do exactly with the SS refreshing the aggregate (executing the query).
So, for example, if you typed NL in the last field and than moved to the second one, possibly the SS already executed the query and after you typed the second NL, it refreshs and "removes" your value.

The problem of "not refreshing" can be related.
Try to type one field at a time and wait to see the aggregate refresh before typing the next.
It works for me.

Also, my aggregates test inputs are working perfectly, so, I would like to ask you if couldn't be a problem of really no data that match the values, or something with the filters or even a problem of the fields in database being "case sensitive" (I remember someone else in the forum with this problem in an Oracle installation).

Eduardo Jauch


Hi, Thanks Eduardo, waiting for a short while before going to the next input field of the test values worked! Have a nice day!

Nice to hear, Jonathan :)