Simultaneous anonymous logins

Hello there,

I am new to OutSystems.  If I build a public app that does not require users to log in, in the event my app has more than 100 simultaneous anonymous users, will this be a problem given I will be using OutSystems free package (ie. limit of 100) or does this limitation only apply to registered non-anonymous users ?

Thanks so much,


Hello Alan,

As far as I know, the user limitation is for registered users, not concurrent users.
But bear in mind that if you will use the free version, you can encounter some performance problems depending on the number of concurrent users accessing the application.

Eduardo Jauch

The limit is indeed total registered users. To make it *more* confusing, at one point (like version 5) the limit was *concurrent active registered users*, so you may see old forum posts discussing that.


Thank you Justin, Eduardo for this.

I have one app on personal environment and around 70 annonymous users are using it concurrently and they haven't reported any problem yet.