Error on publishing, then server crashes


We have an on-premise server which now crashes when a publish is being done. Though as we have observed, it has 100% cpu utilization for SQL.

Checking the logs after it was up, an error has been logged: Could not load file or assembly 'OutSystems.NssHTTPRequestHandler, Version=9.1.501.100, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

Can you suggest a possible source of this error? However, publishes are from 9.1.400 versions. This has just occurred yesterday but has been using the environment long enough already. 

Hi Tesi ,

Did you checked what query is causing the 100% cpu utilization for sql? Are you getting this error every time you are publishing or just once you mentioned above.

If it is happening every time you can try publishing your last successful version ..just to make sure that it is not happening because of any latest change you made.

Last and finally you can also increase the logging level of your compiler and deployment services to see what exactly is happening there.

Here is the link to see how can you increase the logging level.



Hello Geraldine,

Regarding the error, Could Not Load File or Assembly, this usually means exactly what it says: a missing dll.

So, I would starting by asking if there was any upgrade or change to the server, that erased files or make them not accessible due permissions changes and the platform can't reach the needed files anymore.

A corrupted file is another possibility.

Don't know if license problems could cause this error.

And sometimes is something entirely different, as Windows is not exactly a very reliable system... ;)

The best is probably to talk to OutSystems support.


Eduardo Jauch