doing business in China


whoever was assingned to answer this question, can please tell me how to liaise with outsystems business man. I want to do business with outsystems, but:

1. I am in China now and my business also will be in China.

2.Seems there's no branch in China and outsystems don't have cloud server in China now, I want to know is there any solution from your side to resolve performance issue about this ?

3.all above, is outsystems able to handle business in China?

it will be agreat if you can call me back at +86 13076055139.


Hi Zhi Li,

First, this is a community forum. There are no people "assigned" to answer your question, but questions are answered by whatever OutSystems community member wants to do so.

Secondly, I'd advise you against posting your phone number on a public forum, as everyone (including Google) can read it and use it.

Thirdly, and to you most important, here's the list of OutSystems offices. For you I think the Singapore office is closest by, so I'd advise you to contact them.