Clone a extension

Clone a extension

Is there a workaround to clone a extension?

Thanks in advance,

Matthias Preuter
Hi Mathias,

You need to recreate the API with the elements you need in Integration Studio and then copy/paste the code to the new extension. There is no other way to clone an extension. That requirement is already submitted and it will be implemented in a future version.

Tiago Simões
Any chance that future version is coming anytime soon? It's only been three year... :-)
I'd love to see that, I had the need for it recently ;)
5 years.. still counting.. 
There are many ideas regarding this matter...
In my opinion, one of the most needed features is for copy/paste. It would be nice to copy a structure from Service Studio to Integration Studio...
Stumbled on this problem just now...
7 years!! Yay!!
There is an Idea created...
Idea #23 (!)
I smell sarcasm

8+ years.... I was just looking for it (again....)

Available in version 10.