Is there a workaround to clone a extension?

Thanks in advance,

Matthias Preuter
Hi Mathias,

You need to recreate the API with the elements you need in Integration Studio and then copy/paste the code to the new extension. There is no other way to clone an extension. That requirement is already submitted and it will be implemented in a future version.

Tiago Simões
Any chance that future version is coming anytime soon? It's only been three year... :-)
I'd love to see that, I had the need for it recently ;)
5 years.. still counting.. 
There are many ideas regarding this matter...
In my opinion, one of the most needed features is for copy/paste. It would be nice to copy a structure from Service Studio to Integration Studio...
Stumbled on this problem just now...
7 years!! Yay!!
There is an Idea created...
Idea #23 (!)
I smell sarcasm

8+ years.... I was just looking for it (again....)

Available in version 10.



Yes, it is available now, but be careful: if your extension is called, e.g. TheExtension, cloning it replaces all instances of the text "TheExtension" with "CloneOfTheExtension". It is applied to class names, file names etc. So, if your extension is a little bit complex, it may require some work to make it compilable again ...




Better than nothing.

Could be nice if when someone demand to clone a extension the platform ask for one prefix.